IEC Telecom joins The Maritime CIO Forum in Hamburg

IEC Telecom joins The Maritime CIO Forum in Hamburg

24 Apr 2018

On 24 April in Hamburg, Germany, IEC Telecom Europe will join The Maritime CIO Forum, one of the biggest meetings of global maritime technology and communications leaders, developed by Digital Ship. IEC Telecom is going to take part in presentations, case study overviews and discussions about innovations, latest developments and opportunities for shipping industry.

The Maritime CIO Forum attracts world`s leading satellite communication providers, operators and developers every year. IEC Telecom actively participates in this kind of industry events, so this is not the first time we join the Forum organized by Digital Ship. This year the forum will be focused on a discussion about the evolution of maritime mobility and connectivity, will take a look at maritime cyber security issues, safety and risk questions, other crucial for maritime sector topics.

“Shipping industry is one of our biggest markets and main priorities, so we are always there to provide our customers with the most effective satellite solutions, says Richard Bastide, Maritime Account Manager at IEC Telecom. “Maritime sector is now developing fast and we always need to keep up with new tendencies and technologies. The Maritime CIO Forum gives us a great opportunity to learn something new, to share our experience, discuss and create innovations along side with other market leaders.”

IEC Telecom has a long successful history of offering the best satellite solutions for maritime market. At this point, IEC Telecom has recently received the esteemed ‘Best Performance Maritime Award’ and has been recognized as the best service provider for Thuraya Maritime Solutions.