IEC Telecom represented on the 2024 MSUA Board of Directors
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IEC Telecom represented on the 2024 MSUA Board of Directors

06 Feb 2024

IEC Telecom is honoured to announce the appointment of Erwan Emilian, Partner & Group Vice Chairman at IEC Telecom Group, to the 2024 Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA) Board. MSUA is a not-for-profit association that has been representing millions of satellite solutions users globally for 30+ years. The association promotes collaborations between users, suppliers, and operators of satellite systems worldwide and is dedicated to the advancement of mobile communications, navigation, and safety solutions.

“I am privileged to continue serving as the Chairman for the MSUA. This organisation has continued to extend its influence and impact across the satellite and mobile communications ecosystems because of the efforts of our board members and our member organisations. I am proud of the work this organisation is doing in partnership with its member organisations to continue to progress toward increasingly ubiquitous satellite mobile communications and connectivity. We are thankful for the opportunity to support this community,” says Erwan Emilian, Chairman at Mobile Satellite Users Association and CEO at IEC Telecom Group.

Erwan has a distinguished record of service to the MSUA, advancing IEC Telecom’s commitment to innovations in satcom within the maritime, enterprise, and government sectors. With almost thirty years in the field of satellite telecommunications, IEC Telecom is internationally recognized as an expert in advanced network engineering and tailor-made connectivity solutions. We are eager to collaborate with other MSUA members to promote knowledge sharing within the industry.

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