IEC Telecom Shines a Spotlight on Satellite Connectivity at Les Assises du NewSpace

IEC Telecom Shines a Spotlight on Satellite Connectivity at Les Assises du NewSpace

27 May 2024

With the growing interest in the French space economy, Season 3 of Les Assises du NewSpace promises to be an ideal platform for market stakeholders to converge over the latest innovations in the industry, satellite telecommunications being one of the key topics. Headquartered in France, IEC Telecom is thrilled to participate at this annual European NewSpace meeting, taking place at CNIT Forest—Paris La Défense, France, on June 25th and 26th, 2024.

Erwan Emilian, Partner & Group Vice Chair at IEC Telecom Group and Chair of the Board of Directors of Mobile Satellite User Association (MSUA), will be moderating two distinct roundtable sessions, taking place under the patronage of Arthur D. Little: satellite connectivity in the NGO sector and in the maritime transportation and cruise sectors. Since satellite communications (satcom) are widely regarded as a key driver for change in the humanitarian industry, Mr. Emilian will focus his questions in the first roundtable on the operational enhancements enabled by connectivity and the new opportunities unlocked for remote communities. In the second roundtable session, Mr. Emilian will invite experts to share their insights on the transformational impact of LEO connectivity on marine communications. This session will also address the growing demand for cybersecurity and business continuity, highlighting the latest advances in network management as a means to achieve these goals.

With an expectation of 1,200 participants, 15 partners, and 70 start-ups from Spacetech, Les Assises du NewSpace (supported by a collective composed of 18 major players representative of the French space ecosystem) is the definitive venue to bring together stakeholders and end-users through roundtables, workshops, and presentations. IEC Telecom Group is committed to delivering innovative satellite communication solutions and wholeheartedly supports the vision of Les Assises du NewSpace.

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