IEC Telecom supports Sandro d’Aloia and Frédéric Blond’s expedition across Greenland

IEC Telecom supports Sandro d’Aloia and Frédéric Blond’s expedition across Greenland

19 Apr 2018

On 18 April IEC Telecom is going to be a part of Sandro d’Aloia and Frédéric Blond`s 45-day Crosswind Greenland expedition. Company gives the French sportsmen Wi-Fi equipment that will help them to communicate on the way and will provide connection for their safety during the trip.

Sandro and Frédéric have already crossed Greenland, the world`s largest island, once from West to East in April, 2014. This year’s mission is to travel through Greenland from South to North, this is the distance of 2 500 km, without any additional assistance. To pass some parts of the path they will use the snow kites. Sandro d’Aloia and Frédéric Blond were actively supported by IEC Telecom team back in 2014. IEC Telecom team is also here for sportsmen`s new adventure project.

Three quarters of Greenland are covered with ice, the winds are strong and temperatures are low. During the expedition in the deployed conditions Sandro and Frédéric will use Iridium GO!, easy to carry Wi-Fi hotspot, provided by IEC Telecom. This device provides voice and data capabilities all over the world, where traditional networks don`t exist or are not stable. With Iridium GO! Wi-Fi connection will be available within a radius of 30 meters and travelers will have a possibility to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. It is compact, lightweight and easy to use, which is important during physically exhausting expeditions. Sandro and Frédéric will always stay connected and even have a possibility to post Greenland landscapes on social networks.

We understand how important connectivity could be during the dangerous expedition. Sportsmen need to prepare the satellite equipment as carefully as they prepare, let`s say, warm clothes and food, − comments Mickael Da Silva, Technical Sales Manager. We supported Sandro and Frédéric`s trip in 2014, and we are glad to provide them with the voice and Internet connectivity equipment again. This will be a great asset to their safety and efficient communication.