New Eutelsat Tooway Business Plans
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New Eutelsat Tooway Business Plans

29 Jul 2015

IEC Telecom now proposes the new Business Plans released by Eutelsat for its Tooway service, progressively replacing existing professional plans. These new plans are defined by: a monthly allowance (from 2 to 200 GB), Download and Upload speeds (from 2 Mbps to 22 Mbps) and all of them include: Static IP address and Business hour protection (priority over B2C offers between 7am and 7pm).

Highly flexible, all the new plans can be recharged with prepaid 20 GB voucher in case of heavy use exceeding the monthly allowance.

Eutelsat Tooway service offers high bandwidth connectivity (up to 22 Mbps) over Europe, Mediterranea and part of Middle East and is available over fixe, mobile and vehicular antennas.

To get more details about these offers please contact us.

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