Portable Terminals: Optimising Operations in the Field

Portable Terminals: Optimising Operations in the Field

28 Feb 2024

In our digital age, progress is defined by connectivity. While it is considered a given in the urban environment, operations undertaken in remote areas – be it humanitarian missions, rescue operations or utility maintenance – are often challenged by the need for a dependable network.

Portable satellite telecommunications terminals offer a solution, enabling a reliable bridge between remote teams and a central office. On the one hand, satellite mobility is a way to increase operational efficiency as professionals in the field can receive important updates as and when required. On the other hand, it is about improved working condition as satcom is a vital link to loved ones living miles away. It is also about safety. Portable terminals are used to share GPS coordinates and receive instructions regarding a safer passage in places of unrest or updates about any road blockages in areas affected by a natural disaster.

Case-in-Point: Enterprise

When important updates and instructions are not communicated in time, it results in the loss of valuable time and additional costs to the organisation. It can also significantly impact the safety of remote workers.

With reliable connectivity delivered over portable terminals in hard-to-reach locations, not only can the safety of remote workers be improved, voice and data services can be extended over hands-free headsets – reducing the need to keep an extended team onsite as well.

In the enterprise sector, portable terminals are widely used by utility technicians, field engineers, and construction workers.

Case-in-Point: Elections

With many polling stations being based in areas with limited or no GSM coverage, it results in inefficient or delayed electoral processes. Without reliable connectivity, there is also a high possibility of network shutdowns at national or district levels.

Portable terminals, enabling satellite voice and data services, are a cost-effective back-up for the GSM network. Operational continuity is ensured over messengers, email service, and videoconferencing – enabling a smooth national or district level government process.

Case-in-Point: Humanitarian

Humanitarian missions inherently require mobile, flexible, and easy-to-deploy solutions for instant communications. Easy-to-use portable terminals with an intuitive interface and optimised apps empower vital mission-specific processes. From sending operational updates to enabling legal advisories over a video call for camp residents, satcom supports a wide range of critical functions, expanding much-needed help to remote areas.

From VoIP calls for first responders and dependable connectivity to send medical reports for mobile clinics to the possibility of sharing photos of the areas affected by natural disasters with rescue patrols, portable terminals are indispensable for aid missions.

Case-in-Point: Leisure

With portable satcom connectivity, individuals can stay in touch with their loved ones over preferred messengers and share photos of their adventures on social media.

Expedition guides get a dependable asset to send GPS coordinates of the group throughout the journey. In response, they can receive timely updates on weather conditions to improve route planning.

With the help of an optimised email application, travellers can enjoy access to email service and preserve oversight of their business while enjoying the great outdoors.

Value-Added Services by IEC Telecom

In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, connectivity isn’t only about doing more. It is about utilising digital products for smarter workflow. Optimised applications – enabled by portable satcom connectivity – empower real-time decision-making, reduce operating costs, and improve the safety of workers in the field.

With the OneAssist kit, field missions can leverage the advantages of remote maintenance up to 100 Kbps. The hands-free device is equipped with a camera, enabling streaming of video from the remote site. In addition, OneAssist features a high-resolution display. As such, this gadget enables both peer-to-peer and multi-party video and audio calls in real-time. In this way, field ops can get immediate support from specialists at the HQ, solving the matter at hand without the need to return to the office for consultations.


The optimised email software, OneMailLite, is yet another value-added service that improves the operational efficiency of remote units. From compressing files up to 95% (saving on airtime costs), securing emails with multiple virus scanners and spam filters, and resuming transfers without any data loss from the point of interruption, this application extends the benefits of email service to areas with limited or no GSM coverage.

OneTeam complements any remote operations with a dependable videoconferencing solution. Team members across the world can simultaneously communicate with real-time voice, text, video, and data transfers to make critical business decisions and stay in touch with their friends and families. OneTeam’s Bandwidth Select feature enables reliable connectivity over optimised channels to save time and costs.

Portable Terminals by Thuraya

Thuraya’s innovative portable terminals are renowned to deliver a dependable back-up line for emergency communications as well as increase the operational efficiency of field operations. Moreover, Thuraya’s portable terminals ensure a faster response time for critical humanitarian missions and improved coordination of remote units – no matter where operations take place.

Thuraya IP+

Providing ‘always-on’ mobile broadband access, Thuraya IP+ is ideal for a wide range of mission-critical operations such as telemedicine and disaster response. Thuraya IP+ has high-speed streaming capabilities, can be configured with asymmetric streaming, and enables users to conduct video conferences, file transfers and other high bandwidth applications over a congestion-free network.

Thuraya WE

Compact and lightweight, Thuraya WE enables users to turn any location into a Wi-Fi hotspot. The device is user-friendly, providing an intuitive interface for handling network selection, system alerts, and monitoring data usage.

In satellite mode, Thuraya can be utilized for both data and voice communications. The latter is facilitated by a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS devices. Additionally, users can take advantage of Thuraya Roaming services using the satellite SIM card.

When used as Wi-Fi hotspot in LTE mode, Thuraya WE can effortlessly support up to 10 smart devices within a 30-meter range.

Packages start at as low as US $300 per month for hardware leasing and a 10 GB annual data allowance. For more information, contact your account manager or send in an inquiry here.

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