Satcom enables affordable digitalisation in underserved market sectors

Satcom enables affordable digitalisation in underserved market sectors

06 Apr 2021

While digitalisation has spread quickly within GSM-covered areas, access to new technologies for the maritime sector and remote units on land has remained severely restricted. Such modernisation required high capital investment in hardware and monthly data consumption, not to mention the complex logistics involved for set up and onsite maintenance. Satellites offer the potential for connection to underserved parts of the world. “Voice services are declining and data services are increasing – big data exchange, artificial intelligence, telemedicine and remote maintenance, for example. It’s really going more and more towards large data transfer, which requires big bandwidth. Virtualisation is very important – it gives you a way to avoid heavy investment,” says Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO Asia, Middle East & CIS, IEC Telecom Group, in his interview with CEO Magazine. Mr. Ben Soussia explains that choosing virtual applications allows to optimise capital investment in hardware while enjoying the benefits of digitalisation.


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