Seatrade maritime awards middle east – technical innovation award Shortlisted

Seatrade maritime awards middle east – technical innovation award Shortlisted

20 Aug 2019

We are delighted to announce that OneGate – our smart and agile maritime satellite communications solution for the next generation has been shortlisted for the technical innovation award at the forthcoming Seatrade Maritime awards, middle east.

OneGate paves the way for full vessel digitalization by establishing virtually-controlled, truly reliable satcoms links, backed up by multiple levels of cyber-security, to protect critical vessel functions.

Taking reliability to a new level, the system seamlessly reroutes available bandwidth to essential processes to ensure vital communications are not lost, whatever the circumstances. Whether your vessel is trapped in the middle of a storm or facing a cyber-attack, OneGate will maintain connections, protecting vital operations and thereby those onboard.

OneGate operates on a unique system, developed by IEC Telecom, based on the most advanced technologies available and is available in two modifications: for marine and offshore projects.

Because it is based on virtual machines, all OneGate services can be added to, changed, or removed remotely. This gives an unparalleled level of flexibility and does away with the operational burden of the logistics of having to send pieces of hardware ahead for collection at the next port.

Operating from a virtual platform, OneGate can be fully controlled from onshore, reducing the need for human involvement onsite – thus steering a course towards future vessel automation.

The project to develop this virtual platform has taken three years to develop.

IEC Telecom engineers worked alongside their partners to develop OneGate and, following a series of comprehensive testing which spanned six months, the innovation was officially introduced to the maritime market this spring.

Continuing the innovation, our platform continues to evolve as we add features to improve, update and enhance the service, and this is possible even to terminals already installed onboard or offshore.

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