Small and medium-sized vessels can now ride the wave of digitalisation

Small and medium-sized vessels can now ride the wave of digitalisation

11 Dec 2020

December 2020, Japan Maritime Daily – overview: IEC Telecom recognises that digitalisation is a two-way street and there is no ‘one-size fit all’ solution. An off-the-shelf package will only address 60% of a vessel’s needs as we cannot compare the network requirements of a shipping vessel with the communication needs of offshore support vessels, which are much smaller in size. As such, IEC Telecom is committed to extending benefits of digitalisation to all customers with an innovative solution that helps shipowners overcome challenges due to technical specifications and costs. OneGate Marine Compact by IEC Telecom offers a VSAT-like experience over a Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) terminal for small and medium-sized vessels. With the COVID-19 pandemic escalating the demand for digitalisation in the shipping industry and the  impending introduction of the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) cyber security resolution in January 2021, IEC Telecom has been working closely with fleet managers to develop an individual cyber security policy for each vessel. A network is only as secure as its most vulnerable device, therefore, access and permissions must be set accordingly. With more data onboard than ever, efficient cyber risk management includes measures such as the separation of corporate and crew networks,  verifying the authenticity of data, and proper safety protocols for personal devices brought onboard a vessel.


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