The coming of age of global satellite connectivity

The coming of age of global satellite connectivity

07 Nov 2022

Satellite connectivity is undergoing a big transformation. From an airtime-focused business, satcom is developing into an “as a service”-based industry where an innovative range of applications and digitally-driven services are shifting to a virtual space. Driving this change are influential developments such as the expansion in the number of satcom operators, the development of IoT (Internet of Things), blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), the integration of LEO satellite technology, and the demand for ‘always-on’ connectivity among the workers of tomorrow. “The key to successfully maximising a satcom system is to have a future-oriented philosophy. It no longer makes sense to develop solutions solely based on current market demands. Any development today needs to target the requirements that customers will have in five to 10 years’ time,” shares Erwan Emilian, Partner & Group CEO, IEC Telecom Group. With the world’s focus now on decarbonisation and meeting stringent environmental targets, staying connected is not only a matter of safety and efficiency, but also vital to compliance, monitoring and reporting. Today, thanks to optimised applications, crew can continue to enjoy a full spectrum of digital services even if the main network is down. Notably, with the expanded functionality of the back-up channel, the technical team can hold troubleshooting sessions and even fix VSAT network errors remotely. Read more about the advances in digital technologies in the article below.



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