Eutelsat & IEC Telecom Team Up to Deliver Seamless Connectivity Services
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Eutelsat & IEC Telecom Team Up to Deliver Seamless Connectivity Services

23 Dec 2022

Eutelsat, a renowned global satellite operator, and IEC Telecom, an international provider of satellite communication services, have teamed up to provide high-end connectivity and secure back-haul services that are purposefully designed for business continuity.

As an official distributor of Eutelsat ADVANCE, IEC Telecom furthers its portfolio of future-proof solutions that deliver a better user experience. This innovative end-to-end managed connectivity service brings high-speed network coverage with high-power capacity to reach any location on the planet, independent of infrastructure or terrain. This has become critical in a rapidly evolving business landscape, where staying connected helps organisations to remain competitive. Besides, harnessing the myriad of digital tools available today to their utmost functionalities allows organisations to meet their operational requirements today and prepare adequately for any potential future demands. IEC Telecom is committed to empowering its customers with exactly such affordable and future-ready connectivity solutions that enable them to navigate any operational eventuality. Inclusive of network management and monitoring tools as well as intelligent band allocation and analytics, Eutelsat ADVANCE seamlessly integrates Ku- and Ka-band capacity over a single platform. Moreover, it operates via flexible service plans that can be adjusted as per the demand and no commitment is required in terms of duration or volume.

Organisations in the maritime, enterprise, government, and telecom sectors can easily benefit from the seamless connectivity of Eutelsat ADVANCE. From small home offices to large corporations, ready-to-use plans are available and designed to meet specific technical and business requirements. ADVANCE enterprise systems are simple to install and provide immediate accessibility with continuous high-quality transmissions. They can also be expanded at a very low cost to meet new demand.  In the maritime sector, Eutelsat ADVANCE offers total flexibility for industrial bandwidth requirements while providing guaranteed performance, customised service, and SLAs for VIP vessels. Eutelsat ADVANCE features a back-haul suite of tailored solutions for mobile telecom operators, service integrators, and rural connectivity operators. These innovative features of Eutelsat Advance ensure fully scalable and reliable solutions for businesses today.

Having access to a dynamic service that is fully on-demand with no commitment obligations enables organisations to plan for service packages according to their specific requirements. With Eutelsat’s satellite network delivering coverage to every continent – no matter how remote the location – organisations are assured of not just connectivity, but advanced and intuitive technology solutions that are versatile and available at the touch of a button.

Learn more about this exciting offering from Eutelsat and IEC Telecom via the brochure below.



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