LEO satellite networks fuelling demand for seamless connectivity

LEO satellite networks fuelling demand for seamless connectivity

25 Nov 2022

With digitalisation, the demand for seamless connectivity, business continuity, cyber security, and resilient back-up solutions is increasing. LEO satellite networks are changing the paradigm and IEC Telecom is committed to delivering optimised applications that future-proof the maritime sector. “As the industry moves towards higher speeds and the need for reliable back-up solutions becomes more important, it is vital that applications are developed not just keeping in mind the challenges two years from today, but a decade from today,” shares Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO – Asia, Middle East and CIS, IEC Telecom Group. The low latency of LEO satellite networks enables modern cloud-based applications with better security and enhanced performance. Today, the role of satcom service operators has shifted from enablers to consultants, empowering customers with improved business continuity solutions, customised cyber security packages, and advanced back-up applications. As more LEO operators continue to improve and innovate, they contribute in making more efficient technologies available and affordable to the maritime sector. Read more about the changing business landscape enabled by LEO satellite communication networks in Seatrade Maritime News article.



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