Satellite communication technologies optimize oilfield operations

Satellite communication technologies optimize oilfield operations

16 Jun 2020

Oilfields function akin to a small community and are heavily dependent upon well-organized logistics that are supported by OSVs, each employing anywhere between 20 to 100 crew members. Satellite technology serves over 13,700 vessels and mobile drilling units as well as 8,000 fixed platforms worldwide on a daily basis. New MSS terminals such as Thuraya MarineStar offer a new set of capabilities that serve to optimize oilfield operations, provide increased visibility over OSVs, and enhance the efficiency of logistics for an entire oilfield. “Reaching the crew at any time is immensely important when operating offshore. Satellite phones can be left unattended or somewhere with a weak network signal. Fixed terminals enable the timely exchange of critical data to identify any unusual situation that may require the activation of safety measures, prevent a major technical breakdown, and eliminate potential risks to the crew’s well-being,” says Nabil Ben Soussia, VP Maritime, IEC Telecom Group. With the changing business environment, fluctuating oil prices, and exposure to global health risks posed by COVID-19, the NOC and IOC are focusing on cost optimization and increasing operational efficiency.



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