Xpand Portfolio: Transforming the Humanitarian Response

Xpand Portfolio: Transforming the Humanitarian Response

16 Apr 2023

Powered by high-speed Starlink connectivity and enhanced by L-band back-up by Thuraya, IEC Telecom is bringing a revolutionary connectivity solution to the market to transform the humanitarian response. “IEC Telecom has been serving the humanitarian sector for nearly three decades. While requirements differ from case to case, the objective remains the same. Connectivity means better coordination of humanitarian efforts, the safety of remote workers, the security of NGO assets, and the sustainability of long-term operations,” says Nabil Ben Soussia, CCO, IEC Telecom Group. Powered by the Starlink network, the Xpand Portfolio offers network connectivity of up to 350Mbps, a speed comparable to an average internet browsing experience over GSM. The L-band network by Thuraya provides coverage in the most remote locations and Dynamic Resource Allocation assigns capacity automatically, assuring dependable connectivity. The solution is also equipped with a set of applications by IEC Telecom, optimised to consume up to 10 times less bandwidth than popular software. From videoconferencing and telemedicine to drone surveillance and remote maintenance, Xpand Portfolio is available for stationary set-up and vehicular use. “Introducing the Xpand Portfolio will significantly impact humanitarian operations, enabling major aid agencies to expand their reach as well as multiply the scope of services delivered within existing areas of dislocation,” shares Mr. Ben Soussia. Read more about this innovative connectivity solution in the article below.



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